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Our Spiritual Selves Awakening

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Where I live, spring is just around the corner.  This morning I’m getting a taste of it as it is an unusual 64 degrees.  My windows are open & my cat is purring in front of me.  She’s already been sitting in one of the open windows.  Some winters, I live for spring & this has been one such winter.  I plan on sitting out & soaking up the sun later today.  This is a really good time to write about awakening as soon the natural world around us will be waking up.

I want to share an experience of “awakening” that happened unexpectedly on Monday night.  I had gone to bed but was not yet asleep when I felt pressure on my root chakra.  It literally felt as though the round edges of a can was being pressed against me & was about that size in diameter.  Just as the pressure was beginning to get too uncomfortable, it began easing up & then disappeared altogether.  I was puzzling over this phenomenon & wondering what it was & what it meant when suddenly there was a sudden & rapid “whoosh” sensation from my root chakra up the center of my body & out the top of my head.  It was over in a second followed by a feeling of heat.  I immediately recognized this as what is classically called Kundalini Awakening or Kundalini Rising.  I am not an expert in the Hindu & Yoga teachings which are the main source of information for understanding this experience but you can go to Wikipedia for more information which is where I went the very next morning.  You can also simply enter “kundalini” or “kundalini awakening” in your favorite search engine.

This morning when I awoke, it happened again, suddenly & spontaneously, without the pressure on the root to warn me.  It paused in several chakras on the way up & with each one I heard & felt an intense purring like a cat’s purr in that area & then it “whooshed” up to the next.  I don’t know how long it took but it seemed pretty fast & was again followed by heat.  Although, it did occur slowly enough that I had time to worry about it.  I know enough to know that if you have blockages in any of your chakras, it can get unpleasant as the energy builds up to clear the blockage.  This is probably the reason for the “almost pain” in the root chakra that I felt the previous time.  So far today, I seem fine just really tired. 

The purring in the chakras felt like the action of the energy working to clear that chakra & when clear, it moved on to the next.  The fact that the first time through only caused pressure on the root & the subsequent time was working on other chakras indicates to me that this energy was clearing different levels.  In other words, the first level of the chakra system was relatively clear so it went through without resistance but the second level required some clearing.  You can also think of levels as bodies.

  As a side note to others interested in spiritual phenomenon, I must warn against trying to force this experience.  Even as I lay there after the second experience (& knowing better!), I contemplated seeing if I could cause it to happen at will & I no sooner had this thought when I heard the voice of one of my mentors warning me against doing so, so of course, I didn’t.  In case I haven’t already mentioned this, it’s important to have a spiritual group in the physical & especially a mentor to help you on your journey here – an individual/group with experience, discernment & caution who questions & weighs everything, even Spirit, as not all of spirit is clear just as not all individuals are clear.

Blessings on your journey,