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Our Spiritual Selves Awakening

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Where I live, spring is just around the corner.  This morning I’m getting a taste of it as it is an unusual 64 degrees.  My windows are open & my cat is purring in front of me.  She’s already been sitting in one of the open windows.  Some winters, I live for spring & this has been one such winter.  I plan on sitting out & soaking up the sun later today.  This is a really good time to write about awakening as soon the natural world around us will be waking up.

I want to share an experience of “awakening” that happened unexpectedly on Monday night.  I had gone to bed but was not yet asleep when I felt pressure on my root chakra.  It literally felt as though the round edges of a can was being pressed against me & was about that size in diameter.  Just as the pressure was beginning to get too uncomfortable, it began easing up & then disappeared altogether.  I was puzzling over this phenomenon & wondering what it was & what it meant when suddenly there was a sudden & rapid “whoosh” sensation from my root chakra up the center of my body & out the top of my head.  It was over in a second followed by a feeling of heat.  I immediately recognized this as what is classically called Kundalini Awakening or Kundalini Rising.  I am not an expert in the Hindu & Yoga teachings which are the main source of information for understanding this experience but you can go to Wikipedia for more information which is where I went the very next morning.  You can also simply enter “kundalini” or “kundalini awakening” in your favorite search engine.

This morning when I awoke, it happened again, suddenly & spontaneously, without the pressure on the root to warn me.  It paused in several chakras on the way up & with each one I heard & felt an intense purring like a cat’s purr in that area & then it “whooshed” up to the next.  I don’t know how long it took but it seemed pretty fast & was again followed by heat.  Although, it did occur slowly enough that I had time to worry about it.  I know enough to know that if you have blockages in any of your chakras, it can get unpleasant as the energy builds up to clear the blockage.  This is probably the reason for the “almost pain” in the root chakra that I felt the previous time.  So far today, I seem fine just really tired. 

The purring in the chakras felt like the action of the energy working to clear that chakra & when clear, it moved on to the next.  The fact that the first time through only caused pressure on the root & the subsequent time was working on other chakras indicates to me that this energy was clearing different levels.  In other words, the first level of the chakra system was relatively clear so it went through without resistance but the second level required some clearing.  You can also think of levels as bodies.

  As a side note to others interested in spiritual phenomenon, I must warn against trying to force this experience.  Even as I lay there after the second experience (& knowing better!), I contemplated seeing if I could cause it to happen at will & I no sooner had this thought when I heard the voice of one of my mentors warning me against doing so, so of course, I didn’t.  In case I haven’t already mentioned this, it’s important to have a spiritual group in the physical & especially a mentor to help you on your journey here – an individual/group with experience, discernment & caution who questions & weighs everything, even Spirit, as not all of spirit is clear just as not all individuals are clear.

Blessings on your journey,


Our Energetic Selves

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Some of us are canaries in the mine shaft.  You know who you are.  You get sick at the first sign of emotional distress or stress of any kind.  You can’t stand some kinds of music, or people, or places.  You can’t trust yourself to keep appointments or plans because you never know what the day will bring until it’s here.  You listen to others & wonder what they’re talking about because you can’t seem to pay attention to the verbal input along with all the other input happening.  You feel overwhelmed by crowds & large public places.  The energy of everything & everyone around you is impacting you & making it nearly impossible to function.  This is the life of someone who is sensitive to energy.  You may not recognize energy consciously but at other levels, you are very aware of it.  Sometimes it can be so overwhelming that it submerges physical senses.  Sometimes it feels so physical that you can’t be sure whether it’s physical & real or not.  You may question your sanity.  Others may question your sanity.  This would be your energetic self.  For some of us, the energetic self is awakened & aware & this is the cause of the canary experience.  Believe it or not, it’s a gift.  The curse would be not knowing what it is, what to do with it or how to handle it.  Once you get a handle on it, the gift begins.

Gifts can start out seeming to be a curse.  This one is no exception.  It calls you to pay attention to your surroundings.  It necessitates making adjustments in how you live your life compared to how others are living their lives.  It requires that you listen.  It requires that you heed, especially if you want to be able to function.  The gift begins, once you begin to appreciate, value & utilize the information that it makes available to you.  Many gifts are obvious both in presentation & in utilization but this one takes some getting used to.  To begin with, our culture doesn’t recognize energy per se so you’re pretty much left to your own devices to figure out what’s going on.  Then to top it off, much of this gifts’ manifestations look like illness or some medical problem which can send you running from doctor to doctor trying to pin down & fix “what’s wrong.”  Even if you manage to identify something & apply “fixes” to it, you never seem to realize the degree of relief that others with the same diagnosis seem to enjoy.  Finally, if you do manage to manage the manifestations (!), you are left with what to do with it.  After all, gifts are given & realized for a reason.

The gift of being aware of energy, enables you to consciously work with energy.  Energy is all around & within everything & everyone.  It can be moved, cleared & manipulated in many ways, allowing balance to be restored in bodies, homes, land, buildings, businesses & the list could go on.  The more obvious ways of working with energy are in the healing modalities such as laying-on-of-hands, Reiki, Magnified Healing, Therapeutic Touch & Acupuncture & also Feng Shui, which is concerned with healing the energy in homes & buildings.  Designers, decorators, architects, builders & landscapers all work with energy whether they are aware of it or not.  Most people work with energy unknowingly.  Any time you clean your house, organize a closet, plant flowers you are affecting energy in a positive way.  The following are ways to positively affect your energy:

  • Yoga is particularly excellent for your energy & energetic self.  As with all exercise, yoga helps you process your energy so that your energy flows evenly but additionally, it also helps release blocks which reduces stress & supports your health & the healing process.

  • Accupuncture & Accupressure both work directly on your energy pathways (called meridians) & balance the flow & release blocks in that flow.

  • Energywork:  Try a Reiki or Magnified Healing session with a reputable practitioner or take a class & learn how to work with energy yourself!

  • Clean & Organize:  This is one of the simplest ways to positively affect your energy as well as that of  your family & others entering your home, your office, your car & any other space.  A story will illustrate.  I was raised by my grandparents & when I was younger, my grandmother managed to control the house & the chaos she created by being a hoarder.  But as I got older, she began running out of space & as the possessions took over the house, it became more & more difficult to clean the house or keep it organized.  When I was around 12 years old, I began waking up in the middle of the night with what would now be called panic attacks.  At first, I thought I was waking up to get sick but as it began to happen several nights a week, I soon realized that I wasn’t getting sick.  I would lay in bed breathing deeply until the attack would pass & I could go back to sleep.  This continued weekly for 7 more years until I moved out.  The attacks stopped the day I moved out & have never returned.  This is an example of how the energy of your home can affect you, if you’re sensitive to energy.  Even if you think that your clutter & dirt are not causing you problems, I guarantee you that they are.

  • Decorate:  Decorating your home is a fun way to create good energy in your home.

  • Prayer:  I’ve already devoted a post to prayer but I want to add here that prayer affects your energetic self & your energy because “energy follows thought.”  As an example, most of my clients come to me with what feels like static in the field around their bodies, especially from the hips down. This static is less-than-best-energy that they have picked up from other people, places & things. In the past, I would sweep their field from the top of their heads to below their feet many, many times before the static would be cleared.  Now, I have them say one statement to clear their field: “Everything I have, everything I’m holding, everything I’m feeling that’s not my own stuff, I bundle it up, surround it with love & give it to God to heal.” Then breathe in & out, letting it go & it’s gone.  In a similar way, you can clear places & spaces by asking for it.  I have for many years now, prayed places clear that I visit.  By doing so, I bless my self  & others with clearer energy in our environment.  So the next time you are out & about, say:  “I ask for the complete cleaning, clearing, healing, restoration, protection & forgiveness of this (name of the space/place) & all persons, places & things in, on, near, around & connected to it according to God’s highest divine will & timing for each individual & for the whole” & end it however you prefer to end prayers & breathe.

There is so much more I could say about energy but it will have to wait for another post.  In the meantime, exercise, clean, organize & pray yourself & your environment clear for a Happy New Year!

Love, Dawn