Posting Guidelines

Welcome to Just Dawn!

Please feel free to comment on any post or on anyone else’s comments to any posts.  I only have a few requirements in order to be allowed to contribute to this blog.  Failure or refusal to adhere to these will result in being barred from posting on this blog.

  • In order for your comment to be posted, you must include your first name & your email address.  Your email address will not be posted & will not be used for any purpose but is necessary for the security of this blog & all visitors.  Your name will appear, so I suggest that you identify yourself by your first name only, by a nickname or by a made up name.  Your comment may not appear right away when you post for the first time on this site but once approved, your subsequent posts should appear immediately.

  • No cuss words or sexually explicit language is allowed, as this blog may be read by younger members of my family & others’ young people.

  • All comments must be respectful of everyone & their opinions, comments & posts.  You may make constructive suggestions.

  • And lastly, this is not a forum to air your religious agenda.  Many of my posts & others’ comments may not align to or agree with your beliefs & this is fine.  One of my many reasons for this blog, is to bring to light spiritual experiences that many religions do not sanction or recognize.  These are real & valid experiences & as such, there are no grounds for argument or disagreement.  I trust that everyone posting here is truthful about their experiences.  The fact that others’ experiences differ from your own does not make yours more valid than theirs or theirs more valid than yours.

  • So, to sum up, vulgarity, cussing, rudeness, arguing, judging, attacking & criticizing will not be allowed on this blog.

As this blog is based extensively on my own personal experiences throughout my lifetime, many of the stories that I relate include other people.  With only a few rare exceptions, I do not name any individual or give any information that might indicate or implicate any particular person.  An exception, might be indicating a family member that has passed away if identifying that person is relevant to the story & the information revealed does not hurt the memory others have of the deceased. By name, I mean I may say “My Mother” & not her actual given name.  Otherwise, I identify others in the story as just someone I know.  So, if you know me & think you recognize yourself in a story, please rest assured, that I know lots of people (& stories) & chances are, I am not talking about you.  I make every effort to reveal as little personal information about others on this blog as possible.  It is important to me to respect the privacy of others, as I would not appreciate others blogging about me without my knowledge & permission.  I’m a big believer in the Golden Rule & not a fan of gossiping.  Also, to the best of my ability & memory, every story I write is completely true.  I will not add things to make the story more entertaining,  interesting or to make a point.  I will not withhold important relevant information from any story to fit my needs in the moment.

I ask that you also adhere to these commitments, if you decide to post a comment here.  And with that, I look forward to meeting you on the blog page!

Love, Dawn